Good reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo can still make the difference at Old Trafford & in other squads

Cristiano Ronaldo is a much-discussed personality in the international football scene. The Portuguese star attacker now plays for Manchester United, but he is unhappy because he wants to win the Champions League once again and for the Mancunians that is not possible at the moment. The team only plays in the Europa League, and qualification for next year is also rather unlikely at the moment.

At the same time, the footballing superstar is noticing that time is also running out for him, as he is now 37 years old and only one goal in the season is of course far too few for a player like Ronaldo. So, it will be exciting to see how the next games go. Betting fans can rejoice because free bets can also be used for Manchester United games.

Ronaldo would love to leave the club and move to a top club. But what is he willing to sacrifice for that? A full-time position at striker doesn’t seem to be in the cards, even at a team like United, which is still far away from the real top teams.

What can Cristiano Ronaldo still bring to a team these days?

Is Ronaldo at his end? Hardly. The Portuguese is still fit and, together with Lionel Messi, was the best footballer the planet has had to offer in the past 20 years. But it now depends on how he is used. Ronaldo is a player for the big games and the close football moments, as he can always bring his ability to decide games with his experience and skill at the crucial stages.

Ronaldo can no longer be the outstanding player in every game, but in individual games and phases of a game he should be able to do so. Any top team looking to win a championship against tough competition could do with such a player. The Manchester experience should have been a lesson to Ronaldo. He had to learn the hard way that he is suddenly no longer undisputed in the team and suddenly has to sit on the bench longer than he would have liked.

Perhaps this experience has shown him, however, that these games will now be played and that he will no longer insist on his use at the next club without interruption. His salary expectations are also likely to be minimized after his time at Manchester United. It is also no longer about earning more money for Ronaldo. The focus is on winning the Champions League. There are 3 strong reasons that speak in favour of Ronaldo!

Ronaldo is a workhorse and still fit, even at 37

The Portuguese has always been known for keeping his body in optimal shape with a lot of hard work. No club in the world would have to worry about signing a player who is no longer really fit. Physical fitness is the basic requirement to be successful in football.

Ronaldo would be integrated into the team if there are not too many stars in the team. Here he can rest in some games when other players are getting their playing time. In the important games, however, Ronaldo is on hand and can help decide the matches. It will be necessary, however, to halve his total number of appearances to have him on the pitch at full strength. Cristiano Ronaldo would also have to agree to that.

Experience in countless finals is worth its weight in gold

Cristiano Ronaldo has won everything there is to win in European club football. The Champions League is his favourite competition, and he has proven time and again that he is there in the essential moments. A player doesn’t lose this ability with age, but Ronaldo recognizes the moments that decide a game and has the skills to strike at that moment.

Especially very young teams that do not yet have many players in their ranks who have already brought home major European titles would benefit greatly from Ronaldo, as he could not only be a leading figure but also a teacher.

The ambition and attitude of Ronaldo

Ronaldo is an ambition-driven player who also immediately seeks the crown in Europe at a new club. So, he could undoubtedly help nudge a club on the cusp of success over the same. The fact that Ronaldo has only scored one goal this season is not due to a lack of ability now, but to significantly limited playing time.

For Ronaldo, it is clear that he can no longer fulfil his expectations at Manchester United. Therefore, it must be a new club, to which Ronaldo would certainly be grateful for this opportunity.

Which clubs are even eligible for Ronaldo?

There are only a handful of clubs that would really be eligible to win the Champions League. These certainly include the two English representatives, Manchester City and Liverpool FC. Manchester City is Manchester United’s direct rival, and the two clubs hated each other for decades. A transfer would therefore hardly be an option.

Liverpool could probably use Ronaldo, but here, too, a transfer would certainly be difficult due to local competition. PSG in France already have enough egos with Messi, Neymar and Mbappé and the club doesn’t want to create more problems for itself. A return to Real Madrid? That option could have its appeal. But the tax issues Ronaldo had in Spain could still play a role.

FC Bayern Munich? It is questionable whether Bayern need him or even want him, as he would once again shake up the very fragile team. So, it will be exciting to see which club Ronaldo actually ends up with.


Cristiano Ronaldo still has it, and it is to be expected that he will still have two good seasons ahead of him after this one. But who would want to take that risk? The price would certainly be high. We also see Ronaldo as most likely to return to his old club Real Madrid to make another run at the Champions League title. But it is certain that we will still hear from Ronaldo because his story is not over yet.


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