United In Race Against Time To Sign Jude Bellingham

Birmingham City starlet Jude Bellingham is being hunted down by several clubs across the continent and is currently in high demand.

The 16-year old midfielder has reportedly sparked a major amount of interest in European giants like Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea and Manchester United – especially since Birmingham released a low price tag of only £30m. No wonder so many clubs want to snap up that oppurtunity.

However, Manchester United seem to be leading the transfer race for this youngster. But the youngster has a major task at hand. He has to choose where he wants to – between four major European clubs. Will it be Bayern Munich, Dortmund, Chelsea or Man United? 

He’s supposed to be one of the biggest targets in the football world right now. The Birmingham City starlet has made 4 goals and 2 assists across 33 matches.

Manchester United had launched a 20 million pound bid for the 16-year old in February this year, however that was turned down. United will definitely be making another bid soon to match the valuation soon, as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is very eager to have him on his side.

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