Harry Maguire dispatches warning to Liverpool

Manchester United team captain Harry Maguire dispatches a warning to Liverpool FC ahead of their clash at Anfield this Sunday.

“Yes, it gives us confidence, but as a team we’re confident going into any game,” Maguire told MUTV. “We drew against Liverpool and we beat City, who are the top teams in the Premier League at the moment, so we’re confident that we can get three points from any game and that’s what we’ll be going to do on Sunday.”

“They’re top players, but we come across top players in the Premier League week in, week out,” he said about Liverpool’s front three. “They’ve been excellent and have formed a relationship together at Liverpool and it will be tough to stop them, but it’s a challenge we’re looking forward to and if we play to the best of our ability we’ve got threats ourselves, and in our team, which I’m sure they’re going to be worried about.”

“It’s a massive honour to be the captain of this prestigious club,” he said. It’s a great feeling for myself but the hard work continues and I’ll keep doing the best I can, on and off the pitch, to make this club successful.

“I’ve only been here five or six months and to gain his (Solskjaer’s) trust in that amount of time is obviously a great feeling for myself. It gives me confidence going into games and the way I put myself around the place. Off the field and on the field is especially important as a captain and it’s something I’m looking forward to but, like I said, the main thing is being successful as a club during the time I’m here.”

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